We are working with Stockton Bid to add some extra value and support to the businesses of Stockton

Stockton BID has partnered with Save The High Street to roll out a Business Improvement Program (BIP), a completely fully funded opportunity for every business within Stockton, to jump on and sharpen their tools ready for when things get back to post Covid19 normality.

During this programme we will work with you and your business to support you through the COVID19 crisis and ultimately look inside your business to improve the efficiency, marketing, product sourcing and the vision of your business. You will also be given access to our various high street champions who have a wealth of experience and knowledge within funding, structure and business development strategies.

The only ‘investment’ from you is a little bit of your time. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses within Stockton to save money on their overheads and increase their profit margins, enabling them to thrive once again!

During the program, our team of qualified professionals behind Save The High Street will be taking you through our cost cutting workshop to help your business save money on all of its current expenditure and service outgoings – The team on average, are saving businesses around £3000 – £4000 per year on outgoings on completion.

In addition to the cost cutting workshop, week 5 of our BIP includes looking at your digital footprint, and highlighting the importance of being a part of the #RoamLocal initiative – The Roam app is the UKs number 1 high street app supporting the shop local narrative.

Roam allows you to have a digital presence with your target audience, which you can communicate to directly, ultimately building your business, its reputation and allowing your best customers to become your biggest advocates.

The deal that Stockton BID has secured with Save The High Street see’s the BIP provided to businesses at no cost to them, meaning that if you sign up now you could save thousands of pounds per year – nothing to loose, yet potentially thousands to gain!

Our programme structure:

Introduction – Online application submission

  • Week 1 – Business support, Funding & COVID19
  • Week 2 – Business Analysis & Guidance
  • Week 3 – Business Cost Cutting Service
  • Week 4 – Marketing Analysis & Guidance
  • Week 5 – Digital Footprint & Roam Local
  • Week 6 – Partners, Networking & Memberships

Conclusion – Business Improvement Programme Report (including COVID19 Support)

*All businesses who complete the programme will get 12 months of free support and advice on their business.

Consequently, Stockton BID is encouraging you to participate in the BIP campaign for the future of the high street.

You can get involved with the Business Improvement Plan by simply visiting the website using the following link: https://savethehighstreetltd.co.uk/bip/


A quote from Nick @ STHS:

“We are leading the biggest high street movement that history will ever see!
By working on the ground alongside businesses, town initiatives, BIDs and many other campaigns all across the UK to bring some real change and support to businesses and their high streets.

Our mission is simple and that is to help businesses evolve, to look at their passion, their livelihood, and their communities positively, and help drive focus back onto the all-important high street.”


Quote from Jason Maxwell, Stockton BID manager:


“We really appreciate and value the team at Save The High Street whilst working with us at the BID, adding an extra layer of support to the businesses that we represent, in such a fashion that only compliments what we are also achieving here at the BID.”