Are SME’s missing out on hidden cost savings?

The modern business environment can appear very cut throat with every other company out to steal your secrets. There is a valid need to guard any information or element which sets a business apart from its rivals, however this process can make it very easy to become isolated and think … Read More

Roam Local campaign partners with Durham BID

Durham BID has partnered with ROAM LOCAL for a three-year deal, a deal designed to make you money with a little bit of time being your only investment!! This is a tremendous opportunity for you and the City to be at the cutting edge of a new way of engaging with customers, both … Read More

In The Spotlight: JK Bouncy Castles

What started off as a promise to his kids became a successful party business that now offers the full package. Kevin Lackenby and his wife, Jennifer Lackenby  from Sunderland run a small family business named JK Bouncy Castles which specialises in entertainment for adults and children. Their business started through … Read More

How Save The High Street was founded

Save the High Street was founded by Andrew Bartlett and Nick Danks when they decided to join forces and support their local high streets and save their communities, together.  When the duo met three years ago, they realised that their goals, ambitions and morals aligned with one another, and their … Read More

Join our 6 week business improvement programme

Save The High Street (STHS) is rolling out a Business Improvement Program (BIP), a completely fully funded opportunity for every business within the North East to jump on, to sharpen their tools of practice ready for post Covid19. During this programme STHS will work with you and your business to … Read More

The Lumberjack story for highly productive people in busines

There was an old lumberjack well known for his speed at cutting down trees. One day he was challenged by a younger, stronger lumberjack who knew he could beat the older guy in a head to head contest and earn glory for himself. Smiling to himself, the experienced lumberjack agreed. … Read More