Roam Local campaign partners with Durham BID

Durham BID has partnered with ROAM LOCAL for a three-year deal, a deal designed to make you money with a little bit of time being your only investment!! This is a tremendous opportunity for you and the City to be at the cutting edge of a new way of engaging with customers, both existing and new!!!

If your business relies on footfall then you will be all too aware of the pressures facing businesses. Consumers are increasingly tech-savvy. They research product, place and plate before going anywhere. We are rapidly entering an age where the ‘high street’ refers to a smart phone screen. Therefore, it is essential that your presence on the physical high street is replicated on a digital platform.

How though? Perhaps you have your own website. You may have your own Facebook page. Both are great. However, you need to do more. As much as you want to stand out on the street of Durham, you need to stand out online too. Therefore, the opportunity with the #RoamLocal initiative means that the entire City can be represented online and in one location – only an app tap away!

The deal that Durham BID has secured with the team at Roam, see’s the app provided to businesses of Durham BID a free way to market their business to their customers.

Not only does this deal SAVE you money on marketing but it will MAKE you money. This is a tremendous opportunity to put your business and the City well and truly on the map.

In developing their app, Roam have worked hard to ensure that there is as much to benefit by the business user as there is the consumer. In signing up to the app, as a business you get to;

  • Claim your venue on the app and take complete control of it – it effectively becomes your own app, but within a much larger ecosystem to deliver better results.
  • Edit your in-app profile to showcase your business in the best way.
  • See analysis of your profile, including Roam users and followers.
  • Send direct messages customised with images or bar codes to promote any loyalty rewards, news, offers or events.

This provides you tremendous flexibility and opportunity. You no longer have to wait for the customer to walk past to have a chance to entice them in. You can do so with them anywhere in the world.

By choosing to Roam local, this provides the consumer with a number of great reasons to use the app. Not only does it allow them arrange meeting friends and family at venues in the City but it also allows the users to;

  • Find exciting places of interest.
  • Receive loyalty rewards, news, offers, events and more directly to their phone, sent by their favourite venues.
  • Share places of interest with friends and family – create plans and discuss them in the in-app chat, which acts as ROAM’s referral marketing.
  • Stay safe with the app’s “Find my Friends” functionality and Safe Groups.
  • Follow and check into their favourite places, to never miss out on what those venues have to offer!

Consequently, Durham BID is encouraging you to participate in our #RoamLocal campaign for the rest of the Durham BID’s second term, the best part is that it’s completely FREE for you to utilise.

You can get involved with the Roam Local initiative by visiting the website


You can download the app here