In The Spotlight: Daisy Street Play

Carlie Green, 30, owns Daisy Street Play in Spennymoore, which is a unique play area for children aged 0-7. Daisy Street was created whilst Carlie was pregnant with her daughter, she said that, “my partner and I had started to think about it as there was definitely a lack of children areas suitable for the 0-4 age. There were mostly larger soft plays which I think can be really daunting with a toddler”
Daisy Street Play was opened up 1st July 2019 when Carlie’s daughter was six months old. Carlie told us that, “we wanted to create an area where mams can relax as well as having a large space so that the children can have some freedom to play!”
Of course, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Daisy Street Play had to temporarily close its doors to their customers, “lockdown was really stressful for us, mostly because of the lack of information surrounding the play industry. It’s been so hard watching other businesses open up around us when we have been completely in the dark before last week” Carlie admitted to us that there were times when she was worried she wouldn’t be able to reopen at all, “I’ve had three friends have babies during lockdown and it makes me so said to think they have missed out on classes.”
Thankfully, the play industry were given the go ahead by the Government to be able to open up again as the easing of lockdown continues across England. Carlie told us that, “we are super excited to re-open and we cant wait to see our regulars and how much their little people have grown! We’re going to spend the next two weeks preparing to re-open so we can hopefully get back to open for the beginning of September. We are so ready to get a bit of routine back into our lives!”
Although there is limited information on the exact guidelines for the play industry, Daisy Street will be opening for two sessions a day from 9:30-11:30 and then 12:00 – 14:00 to ensure cleaning between sessions. Carlie said that, “we will be using an online booking system to restrict the number of guests in the building and we will have sanitation stations around the area. Unfortunately we will be removing the ball pit and the small toys for now. Our top priority is the safety of ourselves and our customers, which is why we’re remaining closed a few extra weeks to ensure that we can be as safe as we possibly can be”


You can visit Daisy Street Play once they reopen at Unit 29, Enterprise City in Spennymoore.

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