In The Spotlight: Cloud 9 Hair and Beauty

Cloud 9 Hair and Beauty was opened in 2003 by Debra Adamson, 49, who has now been hair dressing for 30 years. Thankfully, due to recent updates in government guidelines, hair salons are able to reopen as of July 4th.
Debra told us that on reopening day she is going in to her salon at midnight to do her friend, Karen College Scott’s hair, who is a self employed florist at Nana Nells Floral Arrangements, “I will be in with Karen until about 2 in the morning and then I’ll be going to bed ready to get up at 6.30 to reopen to the rest of the public at 8am.”
Working at the salon is owner Debra and also apprentice, Caitlin Trotter. Of course a lot of people are extremely excited at the prospect of having their hair cut and coloured for the first time in months, “We are already fully booked for the next five weeks! For the first three weeks I won’t have a day off, it’s full on but it’s what we need to get our business back up and running, I’m looking forward to it!”
Determined not to let her clients down during the COVID-19 lockdown, Debra developed a system in order to ensure her clients were able to keep up their colours at home without her, “I didn’t want my clients to start box dying their hair as it would be a nightmare to rectify when they could come back to see me. So, I said you can come and collect your colour for free. I mixed the colours up in the two pots and hung it from my gate outside my house and then they would return the pots when they were finished. I didn’t charge them for this as I’ve spent so much time  on their hair, some of these clients have been coming to me for twenty years!”
They may be busy, but safety measures have been put in place at the salon in order to protect their clients, “Each appointment has resting time between so that we can clean everything down and ensure the safety  of our next client.” Debra said that, “We have full PPE, the masks, gloves, face shields, disposable gowns and towels. Our clients are asked to come with a mask however I have some for them incase they don’t bring theirs. The guidelines state that I don’t have to wear a mask, just the shield, however we are wearing both for extra safety, especially when doing blow waves on the client as that will really blow a lot of things around”
How will reopening work at Cloud 9?
Signing in: Debra operates an online booking system whereby the client will be send the information to sign in the day before the appointment. However if they are not on the Booksy app, the client will sign in at the door so that Debra can keep a record of who has been in and out of the salon for ‘Track and Trace’. Waiting: The client will wait at the chair we have placed at the door if we already have people in before their appointment begins. Once they are seated for their appointment, we will disinfect the chair they were waiting in. Social Distancing: Signage has been placed on the floor to ensure social distancing takes place within the salon. Beauty: Unfortunately due to restrictions still being in place for nails, eyebrows and beauty treatments, those aspects of the salon will not be able to reopen as of yet.
With regards to beauty aspects being unable to reopen, Debra said, “I’m glad we are able to reopen even just with the hair to get a bit of normality back, but hopefully within the next few weeks those parts will be able to reopen alongside our hair services. They are all ready so we’re just waiting for the green light for those”
Debra had been planning the reopening of her salon since April, “I found the beginning of lockdown tough not working, I’ve been hair dressing since I was 16 so I’m used to always being on the go. I was out of work from February 4th due to having a major operation, so essentially I have been off for five months in total. This is the most time I’ve ever had off work so it was quite hard. I don’t think I’ll struggle to go back though as I’m very motivated and looking forward to it.”
Thankfully Cloud 9 received the government grant which helped to keep the place going with the rent and bills for the salon, “it was relatively straight forward to get the grant, I applied and then I received the money the following week which kept us ticking over until we could reopen again”
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