Business Improvement Program

The Save The High Street Business Improvement Programme. (BIP)

During this programme we will work with you and your business to support you through the COVID19 crisis and ultimately look inside your business to improve the efficiency, marketing, product sourcing and the vision of your business. You will also be given access to our various high street champions who have a wealth of experience and knowledge within funding, structure and business development strategies.

The purpose of the programme is to help businesses grow but in order to help them, we must look at cash flow, a new sales strategy and/or a new marketing campaigns.

During the program, our team will also be taking you through our cost cutting workshop to help your business save money on all of its current expenditure and service outgoings – The team on average, are saving businesses around £3000 – £4000 per year on outgoings on completion.

Our programme structure:

Business support, Funding & COVID19
Business Analysis & Guidance
Business Cost Cutting Service
Marketing Analysis & Guidance
Digital Footprint & Roam Local
Partners, Networking & Memberships
*All businesses who complete the programme will get 12 months of free support and advice on their business.

Is your organisation eligible for our business support program

There are 2 options available so once you have submitted your application one of the team will be in touch.