About us

We are leading the biggest High Street movement that history will ever see, as we are on the ground working alongside businesses and communities all across the UK to bring some real change and FREE support to businesses and their high streets.

There is no denying that High streets across the country have been seeing the biggest changes within their communities, these changes absolutely correlate with the rapid advancements that technology has brought upon us over the past 30 years. These significant changes include things such as big retailers having come and gone, and the independents now having to grow in an ever-changing environment.


With many whispers around the topic of the high street dying around us, Save The High Street have acknowledged the changes, and we too have had to evolve our mission to fit with the modern-day high street, alongside the independent culture that is unique to each and every town across the country.

There is one fact that we like to remind people of, and that is high streets have been evolving for hundreds of years – yes granted over the past 30 years we have seen the most significant changes but the question that we like to ask ourselves and the communities we help is: What are we going to do about it?

We are actively looking for like-minded individuals that would like to get involved with their communities and help us bring the changes that are necessary to towns and cities all across the U.K.

The ethos behind us here at Save The High Street and what drives our passion forward to continue our support for the High Streets, is that they are NOT dead, nor dying, but absolutely evolving.

We have stepped into a new era of serious technological advancements, and for many businesses on the high street and surrounding areas, the rapid advancements have left many behind. That’s where we step in… we support these business and educate them to thrive once again, with a stronger online & offline presence!